The meanest bird ever!

by kat

My brother use to work at a pet shop for a couple years. During those years he met a red bellied parrot called Savanna. She was a bit of a spazz and absolutely disliked the pet store because of all of the new people.

The only person she really trusted was him. We finally ended up saving up enough money to buy her so we could bring her home. I remember the day when he brought home the meanest bird I have ever met. She bit me , showed no interest, and probably even hated the way I dressed I think I was 16 at the time.

But over the months and even years, I bonded and gained her trust. It was a long and sometimes painful task of showing her that I’d never hurt her in any way.
She’d even let me take her into shower, hold her upside down, pet her head and kiss her on the beak.

It has been a good 8 years since she came to live with us and I have moved away from our family house. But every time I come back she remembers me, loves and treats me the same as always. I really hope someday, with my brothers permission, that I can give her a home in my home.

The lesson of this story is! When you meet a bird who hates you all. Deep down inside is a wonderful personality. It just takes some time and commitment to show them you care. So next time you see a mean bird, think twice about them even if they make you bleed a couple times !:P

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Jul 30, 2010
The meanest bird ever!
by: Linda

VERY WELL SAID, AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SENDING IN YOUR LETTER. Yes, the meanest ones usually have the most Spirit and make wonderful companion birds once they start to trust and settle down some. Getting bit is simply a part of having a parrot, and all of them bite sometimes even after they are fully tamed. Such is living with exotic wild animals. I used to love seeing the meanest birds ever come in because I knew they were going to be a lot of fun to train once I got my hands out of bandages that is!

You may also want to get yourself a bird, and maybe you and your brother could look together for just the right one. Or maby just take his and go with him to find a new bird. Just a thought...

Many thanks and many Blessings to you and family from Ours!


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