The odd couple, Yoda and Marilyn

by charlene

we rescued a red lored amazon that was severly head plucked. he's begun to grow in some head feathers,no plucking anywhere else. we cleared up his nasal discharge.we kept him isolated for 1 month, and that seemed ok to him. he stayed on his perch,although he had a ladder,toys,food and water within his reach.we decided to name him Yoda.

then we adopted a female umbrella cockatoo that had been hand raised and by herself since she was 7weeks old,she's 7 years now.she came into our house with a beautiful 6' cage.she was in our house for 2 days and Yoda started going over to her cage for visits on his own.we named her Marilyn .

well,now they are inseperatable.Yoda will not tolerate being more than 6" away from Marilyn.sometimes we take them out,but Yoda's too protective for Marilyn to have a good time out. Therefore,she goeswith us,but always returns home to Yoda.they are both excited when they are reunited.I would have prefered him to be interested in buddy our double yellow headed,but he only has eyes for Marilyn.

I'm thinking of writting a children's book about this odd couple. Perhaps he was raised with an umbrella?Is this usual behavior between two different species,from different parts of the world?