the sex of a cocketiel

by Nicole
(miami,florida, USA)

I have a cocketiel, many people have been telling me its a girl. But som people say that boys whistle and sometimes looks in the mirror. But my bird has the spots. He/she is about 7-8 months old. I took her to someone who recently told me that rubed her in her area and said it was a girl, and that girls whistle sometimes. I bought a male and in now nervous that I might have a bird of the wrong sex.

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Dec 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

What you have described is only guessing. These descriptions can be hit & miss with sexing a cockatiel. Visually sexing a cockatiel depends on the mutation (colour). Exactly what are the markings, colour (mutation) of your cockatiel? And can you post a picture, that would be a lot easier to see.

There are certain mutations that can be visually sexed & certain mutations that look identical in males & females. So knowing the mutation will tell us whether we can visually sex the bird at all.

Other than that you can take your tiel to an avian vet & have it DNA sexed.

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