The Strange Love Story of Yoda and Marilyn

by Charlene

Yoda and his dream bird Mayilyn

Yoda and his dream bird Mayilyn

Once upon a time there was a sad stinky bald headed red lored amazon that needed a home. "Hey,that's the story about me!"said Yoda."I was sitting in a bird show ,in a too small cage , when this couple took me to their house.I wasn't feeling very good but they took care of me;gave me toys,a ladder to climb,my own perch,food and water.they even gave me a different name ,but I liked the sound of it,Yoda. I figured that this Yoda guy must be a real looker and that's why they named me after him, because I'm so handsome.

I was content until they brought in this beautiful female umbrella cockatoo they called Marilyn.She came equipped ,and I do mean equipped with her own six foot pad , with toys, swings and chewey things. It was love at first sight for me. First I had to convince my new owners that my intentions were only full of love for Marilyn, that I ment no harm. Then I had to make Marilyn understand that she didn't want to live in that nice six foot pad without me. It seems as though this bird had never lived with another bird."

"Hi,there georgeous,my name's Yoda,what's yours?" "well, they keep on calling me Marilyn ,although that wasn't my origional name. I think I like it better." "well,Marilyn honey I don't care what yor name is I love you for who and what you are. I would love to be your body guard and never leave your side.If you would please let me stay at your swell pad here I would be glad to offer you my services as bodyguard and protector at large." Marilyn shyly asked ,"you would do that for me if I let you stay?" I said to myself,' this is too good to be true', but I've been with Marilyn ever since.

Every once in awhile I have to let those humans know that I serious about protecting Marilyn.One night I even chased the tall man around the room because he wasn't wearing anything but sandals on his feet.He didn't realize that all I wanted to do was be near Marilyn.I don't think that human owners are very smart if they can't understand what us guy birds want. All I need is Marilyn thinking that I'm her everything and she does. Can't you tell by the picture?

So guys,if someone says that you are a stinky,bald headed bird don't ever forget that some day a beautiful girl of your dreams will think that you're everything that she needs. Never stop dreaming and you might end up like I did,happy beyond compare.This not the end of the story,it's the beginning! Oh,Marilyn says "happiness lies in your heart." Once upon a time.......

Here is the background story:

we rescued a red lored amazon that was severly head plucked. he's begun to grow in some head feathers,no plucking anywhere else. we cleared up his nasal discharge.we kept him isolated for 1 month, and that seemed ok to him. he stayed on his perch,although he had a ladder,toys,food and water within his reach.we decided to name him Yoda.

then we adopted a female umbrella cockatoo that had been hand raised and by herself since she was 7weeks old,she's 7 years now.she came into our house with a beautiful 6' cage.she was in our house for 2 days and Yoda started going over to her cage for visits on his own.we named her Marilyn .

well,now they are inseperatable.Yoda will not tolerate being more than 6" away from Marilyn.sometimes we take them out,but Yoda's too protective for Marilyn to have a good time out. Therefore,she goeswith us,but always returns home to Yoda.they are both excited when they are reunited.I would have prefered him to be interested in buddy our double yellow headed,but he only has eyes for Marilyn.

I'm thinking of writting a children's book about this odd couple. Perhaps he was raised with an umbrella?Is this usual behavior between two different species,from different parts of the world?

Added to above July 23, 2009

You are once again hearing from the musky smelling, handsome feather follicle challanged Yoda. Just when I thought that I had it made with this good looking Indonesian Umbrella cockatoo chick, Marilyn, in her six foot cage and toys I realized that I shouldn't have put all my eggs in one basket.O.K. I didn't have any eggs either. But those humans really bursted my bubble. They brought in a companion for Marilyn; she already had me.

I was the most devoted protector that that fancy bird will ever have. They brought in this dude that looked just like her, only he was skinnnnnnnyyyyyy! He did have a cool pad with toys. I hear that she's already introduced herself, gets on his cage, and he gets on hers! She certainly took no time getting over me. Now I'm interested in striking up a friendship with another amazon. I'm really lowering my standards , because this one's not even a Red Lored like me , but a Double yellow headed named Buddy. Oh , it's o.k. if Buddy turns out to be a male, for I've temporarily sworn of female birds. No, I am just looking for a friend now.

Should have figured out that Marilyn dame wasn't in my league. I think there used to be an old song with a line...."Get an ugly girl to marry you." Opposites attract, but don't always stay together. I'm sure my humans will look for a friend for me and Buddy. It takes time to meet the right one. Guys, don't get all goofy over the first pretty dame that is kind to you. They'll leave you in a minute if they find their "dreamboat".

I really shouldn't bee too harsd on Marilyn, she was one sweet chick! Meanwhile, Buddy and I are going to hang out, do some male bonding and share our girl bird woes together.

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Mar 29, 2009
by: Scots

I enjoy reading about the rescue and then to find how they bonded to each other is heartwarming. A bond doesn't always have to be the same species...
That's the great part.

I have the same thing with my flock... all have a favourite flock friend and there was a time it was two little BlackMasked Lovies who fell for two big Congo Greys and spent all their time perching, eating and sleeping in the same cage.
Now it's the Amazons and Cockatoo's...

Ahhhh Love!!

Aug 23, 2008
by: Tracie

Thanks for updating your information about Yoda and his friend.

Jul 19, 2008
love it
by: Chris

great writing and story, I have an RLA and a cockatoo Maynard and sugar but live seperatly. Thanks for sharing!

Jul 19, 2008
Amazon & Cockatoo in love
by: Tracie

I love rescue stories and to add a love story to it is even better! Thanks for sharing!

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