The sudden death of my amazon parrot

by Carol
(Linden, Michigan)

We had baby for twenty four years; We never knew how old she was because she was found by a friend who worked in animal control, in an office building. We've had her ever since and are very sad about her sudden death.

She was singing and playing all morning and then suddenly I heard a crash; a loud thud, in her cage. When I ran over to her, she was lying face down on the bottom of the cage and was crying. By the time I called my husband and reached in the get her, she died in my hands.

I don't know if she had a heart attack, or if she just fell and broke her neck. I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience, and what you think may have caused her death.

She had also developed a large tumor over the past two years on her belly. I didn't have it checked because I was afraid if it was messed with, and was malignant, it might kill her. Thanks, Carol

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Jan 31, 2012
Amazon died with undiagnosed lump
by: Tracie

I think you may have answered your own question. If the bird had a lump that you did not have checked out by an avian vet, then it probably died from that.

That lump could have been in infection or even a tumor that could have been removed. No matter what, the bird could have been given something for pain.

The only way to know what caused your bird's death is for you to Find an Avian Vet to do a necropsy.

If you choose to get another bird, please have a savings fund for avian vet visits. Also, make sure you are feeding 80% high quality pellets like Harrison's or Roudybush to prevent fatty liver disease.

I am sorry for your loss, and I realize you did what you thought best. For you next bird, it would be best to establish a relationship with an avian vet and take your bird for yearly visits, so that any changes in it's health will be caught before it is too late.

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