there is a bald patch on my female zebra finch and it's a bit green.

My female zebra fich has a bald patch around her back and'a little green. what should i do. i put a mixture of clean water and aloe gel on the bald area. please help.

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May 03, 2010
there is a bald patch on my female zebra finch and it's a bit green.
by: Linda

Well, this is a common problem with the Zebra's as other Zebras pick their friends' feathers. It can be on top of head or around neck. The problem here is that the green color indicates a possible infection. You need to take your finch to an Avian Vet so they can look at the skin, do a scrape and put it under the microscope to see if there is bacteria in it.

Dependiing on how many Zebras you have to the cage, you will need to separate the pairs out. One pair to a cage works better than a bunch of them as you cannot tell who is doing what, and overcrowding causes aggression in these little birds. They also do better with just other Zebras and no other species of finch because they do tend to be more aggressive and are smaller than most other species.

If you have more than one pair per cage, separate them out according to mates and keep one pair per cage. Even one pair needs plenty of room to fly and get plenty of exercise. Not getting enough exercise and poor diet will also cause problems with aggression.Flight space is better on the horizontal rather than vertical. This means cages need to be longer/wider across than tall or both. Even one pair of finches need this much room each, so the need for more room is doubled everytime you add another pair.

Do take her to the Avian vet soon as you can because the area should NOT be green, and this sounds like an infection which will need a prescription from an Avian Vet. DO NOT USE ANY MORE HOME REMEDIES OR OVER THE COUNTER MEDS EVEN THOSE FOUND IN PET STORES. The water and aloe is not so bad, but if this is a bacterial infection, it will not help and letting it go for any longer will make it worse.This could even be a mite infestation which will be all over all of them, so don't delay trip to Avian Vet.

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