thinking of getting a 2nd bird

by lkrunning
(san diego, cailf, usa)

6 weeks ago I lost my BEAUTIFUL little senegal parrot in a tragic drowning accident involving toilet paper playing near an open toilet bowl lid... I AM DEVASTATED! We found Guano (bet you can't guess why we named her that, ha ha) as a very young (maybe 6 - 8 mo old) lost birdie who was lonely, cold & hungry, sitting atop a bicycle rack in front of a 7/11 store late in the evening right before a rain storm was starting to roll into San Diego. We took her in, looked for but couldn't locate an owner and by the fate of destiny became 1st time bird owners.

We had her for almost 2 years up until six weeks ago. Our whole family (myself, hubby and 2 sons 11 and 13 yrs old) cried for a week... We buried her in our back yard with her favorite all time TOY... a roll of TP. and we wrote on the TP... how much we would miss her and thanked her for adopting us as one of her flock... that she brought much joy and happiness to our little home ... to be remember always..

Well, my hubby went out and bought a new bird to help the healing process but he picked a sun / nanday conure mix this time instead of getting another Senegal. ALTHOUGH she is only 8 mo old.,,, she is nothing like my sweet little Guano (which is to be expected, whole diff. species and all) but my kids and I want another senegal. And the conure has picked my hubby as her #1,

I was wondering if we could put a conure and a senegal together in the same cage or not. Can these two types mate? Or can they be cage buddies... I couldn't handle another tragedy should one attack or kill the other... whats the best way to approach this?

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Jan 07, 2011
thinking of getting second bird
by: Anonymous

I wouldnt reccomend caging them togeather ever they will most likely either kill eachother or bond and not want humans anymore.

Jan 06, 2011
Conure and Senegal in same cage
by: Tracie

Well, they may end up wanting to share a cage, but you will have to keep them in separate cages until you see they want to live together. If you just throw another bird into your conure cage, one might bully the other to death.

They are not the same species, so I don't believe they can produce babies, but that doesn't mean they won't bond and prefer each other over humans.

No matter what, you need to purchase a cage you like for the new bird, because it is possible they will forever live in separate cages, even if they learn to play together outside the cages.

When you have the birds together outside the cages, on neutral ground so that neither feels like it is his/her turf, you need to be there ready to pull one bird out of the situation if it gets attacked. Realize that you might get attacked doing this, so either wear gloves or be prepared to bleed.

It can be done, putting two birds together. We purchased a second conure, they fought terribly the first few weeks and then ended up bonding. It was a slow process. I would "discipline" the attacking bird by saying "nooooo" in a calm low voice and calmly pick the bird up and put her back in her cage and let the other bird stay out and get a treat in view of the "bad" bird.

It learned quickly that to stay out and get treats, it had to get along. Before we knew it, they were climbing into one cage and getting along.

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