this is King Henry and prince Nico

by Amy

Henry giving me a kiss

Henry giving me a kiss

I adopted Henry a few short weeks ago from a pet store that couldn't wait for him to go. They were all too happy to lower the price for me just to make him go. I love this happy little fellow. He does scream quite loudly, maybe this is the reason they were excited to see him go.

I just cover his cage and he quickly stops. So I uncover him and let him out. Outside is where he loves to be especially on his playgym. I fill the dishes with plenty fresh and dry fruit and he will play out there quietly all day. This is to incourage him not to scream too much, and gets rewarded after being quiet for some time.

I am teaching him Step up, by offering him something like a thick pen as well as my finger to step up on. This stops him from biting me or anyone who trys to pick him up from inside of his cage. while outside he will step up on to a finger of free will.

I find him to be a lovely addition to my family. I also have a Green Cheek conure named Nico, who is the little boss, he is more outgoing than Henry. and a little mischief maker. I am gradually introducing them, I just don't want anything to happen to either one of them.

I notice that Nico is talking although I can't really understand him, I can only hope that Henry will also start talking instead of squawking. I do incourage them to talk to me, it makes all of us in our house very happy. I love their personalities. I am including a few pictures of them.

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Mar 27, 2009
by: Anonymous

King henry is a great looking bird. Be careful leaving them outside as even when clipped they can still glide pretty far. I have heard lots of horror stories about lost birds. As for getting bitten when doing step up in the cage. Most birds get very territorial about their cage and feel that you are invading their space inside the cage.

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