throw food in water

why dose my gray african parrot throw his food in his water

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Nov 05, 2011
throw food in water
by: peace bhamra

my two year old budgies also love to do the same. they nibble on the fruits at day and put them in water at evening.

Nov 04, 2011
throw food in water
by: Linda

It is normal for birds to put some of their food in their water. It is how they behave in their wild state, and provides some diversion for them as well as soaking harder foods so they can more easily eat them.

Though some people use water bottles for their birds, I do not recommend them for the larger parrots because some have had their tongues cut off when they put them up into the little hole. Most water bottle stems are made of stainless steel, and around the edge can be sharp, so birds play with them and get their tonges either cut off or badly injured.

I recommend changing the water a couple of times a day. A little food in the water is not going to hurt your bird unless it stays in there 24 hours or more. It takes 24 hours for bacteria to begin growing, so if water is changed a time or two a day, no harm will come to birds who soak their food. When people remove this natural option for the bird, sometimes emotional difficulties can arise. I have two Amazons, and they have always put a bit of food into their water dishes. They are never sick from it because of changing it out a time or two a day.

Thanks for writing,

Nov 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

It's normal they like to soften tide hard nuts

Nov 03, 2011
Bird thowing food in water
by: Tracie

Sometimes they do this just for entertainment as best I can tell. Our conures were part raccoon and loved to dunk their food in the water.

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