Throwing up and losing feathers

by Rebeka Pirker
(Kamloops, BC, Canada)

I realize that this may constitute an emergency, however, I am looking for a second opinion.
My grandfather has a 20 something year old Mustache Parakeet, who recently started vomiting and losing feathers. Prior to this he had broken a wing (years ago) but has been healthy.

I do not live near my grandfather now, but was notified by family of the situation and the vet in our town said there wasn't much he could do, as he is not an avian vet, and the nearest one is 100's of miles away. I was wondering if there is anything I could suggest to him to help bring his beloved bird back to health? This parrot means a lot to my grandfather, he would be beyond devastated to lose him.
I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or help I could get to pass along.

As far as I know he has eaten a basic seed diet for most of his life, my grandfather has had him since he was an egg.

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Sep 27, 2013
Throwing up and losing feathers
by: Sandra D Singh

I realize that an Avian Vet is very far but this bird life is "very precious" and also precious to your grandfather. It's an emergency and if "you" can't get this poor bird to an Avian Vet please ask someone that you trust if they can do so for you and please act immediately.
Your grandfather maybe so depressed about his loving bird which is in so much pain. Knowing that he can't do anything himself because he's old and "maybe" helpless, I can imagine how his heart is aching.
Unfortunately, I'm in Toronto where I love but at times like this I just wish that I was in B C near to your grandfather. "I" would've taken that dear little bird to that Avian Vet which is 100 miles away and also paid the vets bill myself.

Anyone who love birds or any animals, and having one for 20 long years knows that they becomes your child. To give and receive love from a bird for 20 years is going to break anyone's heart when he/she becomes ill or dies. My eyes are tearing up and I've to stop several times to wipe them in order to see what I'm typing here. I know that you do not live near your grandfather but can't you take a day off from work "if possible" and take the precious bird to an Avian Vet? Or ask someone if they can do it to help this poor, old gentleman and his dear bird? I'm sure a 100 miles wouldn't have been much if it was a human child, would it or wouldn't Rebeka?
Rebeka, don't you just stand there and wonder as Alice in Wonderland " and ask if there's anything you can do". There're things you can do and you'd have to do it fast. If you can't do it yourself ask someone who you can trust to help your grandfather and his dear bird as I've suggested above.
Rebeka, I'm begging you to please HELP THIS OLD GENTLEMAN AND HIS DEAR LITTLE BIRD and I'm also thanking you from the depth of my heart. Please help bring this beloved bird back to health. I'm NOT a harsh person as I may sound here but where animals, old people and children are concerned I do feel it is MY duty to lend my voice to help them; I do hope it really helps! IF I can I will but if I can't I like to tell people if they're not helping.
Please do forgive me if you feel attacked in any way or feel that I'm being a little harsh with you, thank you. I want you to know that I'll be praying for your grandfather and his loving bird. May God bless you all and take care of your grandfather and his dear bird.

Sep 25, 2013
Bird vomiting
by: The Avian Vet

Many illnesses can cause vomiting. To suggest a particular treatment is not possible since I do not know what is causing the vomiting. This symptom can be caused by bacterial infections, which would need antibiotics; by toxins such as lead and zinc; by a foreign body in the intestines (something nonfood that was swallowed; by a virus such as avian bornavirus; and there are many other potential causes. The only way you can help his bird is to get him to sedan avian veterinarian as soon as possible. Find an Avian Vet

Dr B

Sep 24, 2013
Throwing up and losing feathers
by: Linda

I am not the Avian Vet, and he will tell you the same thing. Without an Avian Vet to diagnose and treat the bird, there is nothing anyone can do to help you over the internet. There are too many diseases and too many variables here to even venture a guess which is all it would be.

This is something only an Avian Vet can help you with, and I'm very sorry about it being so far to get to one. I realize your Grandfather is going to be devastated, but unless someone in family is in a position to get him to the Avian Vet, there is little hope this poor bird will survive. With it being a 100 miles to the nearest Avian Vet, there is more than a good chance bird will die on the way to the avian vet.

Please make sure if the bird does die, that he is put in an airtight ziplock freezer bag, put into the refrigerator or freezer and have the vet near to your Grandfather perform a necropsy to find out what killed his bird. The reason this is of utmost importance is that if bird died from a highly contagious infection, all other birds coming into his home will also contract it and die. So be sure to have a necropsy done before bringing any other bird into this environment.

So sorry we cannot be of more help to you.


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