tiel split lower beak.......

by Bea
(Clifton, N.J. USA)

My female tiel managed to seperate the wire ring holding her swing & wire pierced her lower jaw & went into mouth. Took her to vet & she was treated; she's still getting meds. by syringe. I noticed today that her lower beak is split on the side. She's been on soft foods since injury. Will this split beak hamper her being able to crack seed, etc. & will it ever knit back together?

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Aug 21, 2010
Bird split lower beak
by: The Avian Vet

If this is the type of beak injury that causes a complete separation of the beak parts, she will adapt and learn to eat regularly again. It is unlikely that this type of injury will knit back together. I would need to see the injury before I could make any definitive statements about its, though. It may be possible to repair the beak. An avian specialist would be the one to see for that.

Dr B

Aug 17, 2010
tiel split lower beak.......
by: Linda

You will need to talk with your Avian Vet about this because he may have to glue the beak back together.

The other suggestion is to never use split rings for any parrot's toys or swings as these are very dangerous in that all the parrots can eventually get top or bottom mandible wedged into the split, and severe damage is the result. It can be beak injury or it can split their tongues.

Always use ONLY quick links or use the small "C" type which are impossible for birds to open to open. Make sure chain links and rings are large enough for your bird to get toes and feet in and out easily, but not large enough to get head stuck. You can find the "C" closures in hardware stores or home improvement stores. The ones found in those stores are coated with zinc which is poison similar to lead for birds, so find either stainless or nickel plated metal parts for hanging toys and perch hardware as birds sometimes play with these metal parts. Both the stainless and nickel plated are sometimes a little more expensive, and it is well worth the bit of extra to keep birds safe. You'll also have to look on the internet to find stainless and some pet stores have the nickel plated.

Take your bird back into the Avian Vet to see what can be done for the split beak before it splits any further, and make sure any split rings are out of the cage forever.

Thanks for writing,

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