Tiki Bird....Tiki Trying (Quaker Parrot)

by Annie
(Salisbury, MD)

2008 I was looking for another bird after my Cockatiel, Rascal passed away. (Man I miss that bird!)I was planning on going back to the shop where I had purchased Rascal and began to look. I was seriously considering buying a parrot whose breed I had never heard of, but was willing to give it a try and had done all my research and was saving the money when I came across a green quaker parrot. My dad had one when I was growing up and decided to go and visit this one, also because the price was so cheap and included the cage.

I went to the house where Tiki was living and the lady fed me this story about how her son was allergic to the bird and yada yada, only to find out she had been selling birds out of her home with the same story to other people and it had upset me quite a bit,but at this point I had already purchased Tiki and at the time he seemed fine.Also I found out from my lady that I usually purchase birds from said he was much older than the lady had said and I was pretty livid that she had outright lied to me.

Needless to say that even now, he is tempermental and usually outright mean. I spend quite a bit of time with him but nothing seems to work. he is territorial on his cage and the only way to get him down is to knock him off his cage to pick him up.

But would I sell him or get rid of him? Believe me there has been many times when I have been tempted to, but NEVER! I love him and am attached to him because just when I think all hope is lost with him, he will do or say something or sit on my shoulder and cuddle and tell me "pretty bird" or wolf whistle or attempt to say "good bird".

I guess what I am trying to say is that no matter how mean or trying your bird may be, don't walk away from them or get rid of them! That's so mean and harsh. There is a person that I am trying to get up with who is trying to get rid of thier red bellied parrot because the bird had a seizure and apperantly is mean now because of it and if someone does not step forward and take the bird, this person said they will "put it down" and I personally can't think of even destroying precious life like that, so I am doing my resesarch for now just in case it works out and I can promise that no matter how this bird acts or reacts, I will love it just like my Tiki.....Eh life is for the birds :)

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Jan 18, 2011
Keeping your bird is good
by: Tracie

Thanks for sharing your story. I am glad you are committed to sticking it out with this bird. With time and patience you will win his little heart over.

We do have some articles that might help you on our Parrot Training page if you want to do some reading.

Really, time and patience is the key. I messed up with my mom's bird, even though I know better. One day it took a chunk out of me and I instinctively shook my hand and the bird flew to the floor. That bird never trusted me again, and it took me 2 years to get the bird to not try to attack me when I walked by his play stand. (Of course, I don't live there, or I could have made up quicker. )

Jan 17, 2011
Tiki Bird....Tiki Trying (Quaker Parrot)
by: Linda

I commend you on sticking with your commitment to your Quaker, but you can use other means to get him off his cage instead of "knocking" him off. Use a stick or perch and tell him to step "UP". The other thing that has to be taken care of here is birds should be kept at eye level not higher than our eye level and not lower either. When they are higher than we are, they are in control as the bird in the highest position, in the wild, is the one who rules. You also cannot put the bird lower than your eye level because then they feel threatened all the time, and this will cause negative behaviors like biting and so on.

Working with a cage bound bird is going to take a long time. Trust is earned not freely given, and his experience with the lady you mentioned has given him all the wrong ideas about humans.

Which leads me to asking if you turned this woman into any animal control group like the Humane Society or something. It sounds as if she is actually neglecting the birds, and this means not working with them all the way down to feeding them a crap diet that cannot sustain a parrot.Not to mention not taking them to Avian Vet when needed.

Hopefully, you've taken your bird to an Avian Vet already to be checked out for infections and blood work done to see how organs are functioning. If not, then you'll need to do that soon. Now may not be the best time to bring another bird into your home until you get a better handle on the Quaker. It is up to you, but once you have two neglected and /or sick birds, you'll find it very difficult to deal with either one of them.

Try and find a home for the other bird or a shelter that takes birds and make sure you have seen this shelter because there are lots of people taking government money to help parrots and treating them horribly.This also happens a lot with dog and cat shelters. Always make sure you have personally visited or know someone who has before ever sending any pets to so called shelters.

Thanks for writing and keep us posted,

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