till what age should a indian ringneck be fed with a ceringe

by liya

i have a 8 week old blue indian ringneck but till what age should it be fed as well as what age should i bath it .

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Oct 27, 2012
till what age should a indian ringneck be fed with a ceringe
by: Linda

Your bird will be ready for the weaning process to begin in another couple of weeks. You will still need to feed him with a syringe at least two times a day even during weaning because they play with their food and are not eating much at the beginning.

Feed him a full amount in the am and again before bed. You may also have to feed in between those times as well. As he begins to eat more, he will let you know by not wanting the feedings as much or by not eating as much at a time.

Weaning is tricky, and you don't sound as if you know anything about it. I'll try and give you a pointer or two, but you must do a search on the internet about "weaning Indian Ringneck Parakeets" so you understand all that is involved. Also wean him onto an organic pellet if you can find them there because all seed diets are very poor diets even with additions of fruit, veggies. Feed NO human food, ever because they are full of fat, salt, sugar with little nutritional value. Too many treats interfere with getting bird on a proper diet.Harrisons is found here and is the best, but not sure if you can get it into your country which would be another thing to check into. Organic is best because there are no chemicals in it which hurt birds.

You are going to have to continue feeding him for a couple of more weeks before you start the weaning process, and weaning takes time so be prepared to continue feeding him baby parrot handfeeding formula with the syringe. If you are not using baby parrot handfeeding formula, you are hurting your bird because anything else is not an adequate diet for him.

Find an Avian Vet ONLY in your area and have him checked for any infections or other physical issues before he starts weaning because a sick bird or borderline sick bird will not do well.

I wish you the best of everything, and get busy doing your homework on how to properly wean your bird before you actually begin.


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