Tilted Head

by ellen
(New Jersey)

Why is my lovebird's head tilted? He cannot preen under his left wing & id unstable. I don't know what to do. Thank you, Ellen

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Feb 09, 2011
Tilted Head
by: Linda

Your bird is either sick or has a severe injury and will have to be taken to the nearest Avian Vet in your driving area.

This can happen from chain toys that are too small for the bird. Chain links have to be big enough so birds can get their feet and toes out of them and not so large that they can get their heads through them. This is also true about cage wire, and many birds have ended up with broken necks from being housed in cages made for larger or smaller birds. The toes will become caught in wire not spaced wide enough, and necks can be broken in cages with too wide wire spread but not wide enough to get head out easily. Birds panic in situations like this and can be badly injured trying to get out of trap.

Your bird is in pain and suffering, so please get him to an Avian Vet as soon as you can because either he's very sick or has hurt his neck badly and needs to be put into a neck support and treated for any infection and pain.


Feb 08, 2011
Bird unstable and can't preen
by: Tracie

Please take your bird to an avian vet right away to find out what is wrong with your bird. If your bird is not on an 80% healthy pellet diet, like Harrison's, then it is likely a problem due to a lack of proper nutrition and too much fat.

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