Time food

by Ashley
(New York)

how many times in a day should i feed my parrot

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Sep 12, 2011
When to feed your bird
by: Tracie

We feed our birds 80% of their diet in the morning. We feed Harrison's or Roudybush pellets, because that is what our avian vet recommends. We don't feed any seed or treats at this time, because we want our birds to eat what is good for them first.

In the afternoon, if they have eaten most of their pellets, we give them their 20% healthy treats. Sometimes they don't get their treats until in the evening, because they haven't eaten most of their pellets. ;-)

Sep 12, 2011
Time food
by: Linda

You did not give us any information here including what kind of bird you have, what age it is and what it's been eating thus far.

Find a breeder in your area or an Avian Vet and find out from them how much to feed and how often for your bird as we cannot help with no information.

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