tiny eye spots

My hand me down Red Lored Parrot is about 20 yrs. old. He has tiny white dots on the center of his cornea, about 6 or so on each eye. His eyes otherwise look bright and no discharge. No discharge from his nose. Eats and talks regularly. Stools look normal.

He eats vegetables, fruits, grains and seed now, not sure before I got him. I have had him 2 months. I have started him on a sunlamp exposure for an hour or so every few days.
Thank you for your time.

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Nov 16, 2013
Spots on cornea of Amazon
by: Jane

Took my Amazon to the vet. He says the tiny white spots on his cornea are cholesterol. He says it is somewhat common in Amazons that are overweight and older (this one is around 20 yrs.). They will not go away and probably came about gradually, so the bird is used to them--but he needs to lose some weight and get more exercise!

Oct 28, 2013
Bird with eye spots
by: Tracie

These could be cataracts, but there is now way of knowing without an in person exam by an avian vet. You need to convert the bird to a pellet diet, and that may take a few weeks or a year or more but it will greatly improve it's health.

Be careful with the sun lamp, make sure it is above the bird so that it doesn't look into the bulb.

Please use this Find an Avian Vet link to find an avian vet for your bird so it can be examined to determine what is wrong and what the potential treatment might be. Also, you can use this Switching Birds To Pellets article for converting your bird to a healthier diet.

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