Tips on moving birds!?!

by Kate

Hello! This whole month I have been prepping to move, and this weekend is looking like the "big move". it will be the first time moving homes with my birds. They have lived with me in this one home since I rescued them, but meaning they had a home once before me too. But they have grown very comfotable in my home and I am worried how they may react to their new house.

This new house allows them to have their very own room! But does anyone have any tips when it comes to moving them? Should i show them around the house when we get there or should i leave them alone? I dont want them to be stressed and want to make sure they like their new place!! Oh one is a 15 yr old African Grey who I have owned for 4 yrs, the other is a 5 yr old White Belly Caique who I have owned for 1 and 1/2 yrs. thank you!

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Jan 27, 2013
Tips on moving birds!?!
by: Linda

Get them set up in their new room and make sure they stay in cages unless you are right there to watch them. Also make sure they cannot fly all over the house by either having wings clipped or putting a welded wire door on their room. Our Amazons have their own room, and they also have a screen door we can close when they are out of cage. Put stickers on any windows so birds know they cannot "fly through" the opening.

Water supply will pose a problem if you are moving to a new district, so take some "home" water to mix with new water for a week or so.

The new house will be strange at first, so make sure you provide a nightlite for them for a while. We use one of the ones that is flat, plugs into the socket and does not come on until room is dark. You can also put this light right outside their room in the hall too so they are not disturbed by light in their room. At first, they will be afraid in the new house, so make sure you provide light and possibly cage covers so they feel safe in their new surroundings.

Birds like the actual moving here and there, and it takes them some time to get used to a new place. If you set them up first before doing anything else, they will begin to be more comfortable faster.

Let us know how they do and thanks for writing,

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