tito - fly and talk?

by mona
(maharashtra , india)

i have 1 month old parrot i just wanted to ask in which month he wil learn to fly and in which month he wil start speaking.

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Feb 17, 2010
tito - fly and talk?
by: Linda

Birds will talk when they are ready to talk and not one moment earlier. They will say things they hear from their human guardians and repeat them back at some point. Birds are very intelligent and can put short, simple sentences together as well as learn how to sing a simple little child's song. Mine have almost learned Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, though Eli does have his OWN version of it.They love to join in when I sing, and I call them my backup singers! They tend to get carried away though and become the primary singers before it's over. That's okay, as they are having fun, and that's the important thing.

As for flying, I highly recommend you do not allow him to fly all over the house as homes are dangerous places for birds. They can fly into walls, mirrors windows, out the door, into a hot pan of water or sauce--the dangers are endless. Take him to an Avian (bird) vet in your area and have his Primary Flight feathers clipped. These are the 6 long feathers at the bottom or end of the wings. Cut NO MORE THAN THESE AS CUTTING ANY HIGHER CRIPPLES BIRDS AND CAUSES THEM PAIN ALL THE TIME.

He also needs to be eating a high quality diet to be able to learn to talk and sing and play. Tracie carries some organic pellets here which would be good to change him over to. All seed diets are very poor nutrition and result in sick, sad birds on down the road.

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