to determine the sex of an alexandrine parakeet

at what age does the ring on the neck appear on male alexandrine parakeets?
also is it possible for a male not to get a ring at all?

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Oct 01, 2010
alexandrine parrot
by: paula

hi am just a bit confused about my alexandrine parrot, i call him a he because he had a dark rink round his neck under beak but he is only nine months old,is it possible that i could have a female with a shadow, he also had a bluish tail an yellow eyes, hope you can help,

Mar 21, 2010
confused about age an sex of alexandrine
by: paula

i bought a young alexandrine parakeet,i was told it was 14 weeks eyes are still black,but he or she is displaying a dark ring which goes round to nape of neck,could this mean i have a young male?

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Mar 14, 2008
Indian Ring Neck's ring
by: Tracie

Quoting "The Beginner's Guide To Ringneck Parakeets" by Theresa Jordan

Ringneck parakeets are sexually dimorphic, usually at two to three years of age--meaning that the sex of a Ringneck can be determined by its coloring. Sometimes sex cannot be identified until the bird reaches this age due to the time it takes for younger birds to show their final coloring. In appearance, they are exceptionally striking birds, with the males having a more dominant neck ring than that sported by the female.

Pairing of a lutino with a blue results in the breath-taking albino mutation Ringneck. Albinism is caused by the blocking of both melanin deposits and carotenoid conversion of lipochromes, resulting in this particular mutation lacking any color pigment. Thus, they have no neck collar, making both sexes appear identical. They have red beaks and eyes, and their feather coloring is a pure, stark white. Their total lack of pigmentation actually makes these birds quite visually attractive.

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