Toaster Oven

by Isabel
(Medford, Ma )

Is it safe to use a toaster oven or oven for that matter with birds in the home?

My birds cage is located in the family room over 300 ft away from the kitchen, however it is open concept.
I do not use non stick pans but the toaster oven and stove are coaten with a non stick material.

How can i asure my birds are safe from toxic fumes? How far away from kitchen should they be when in use?

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Apr 14, 2016
by: Anonymous

I am hoping you see this comment and tell me how your oven has been doing - does it have any impact on you or did they tell the truth and it is all stainless?

So many are still looking for safe, clean, non-offgassing products and not finding many at all.

Dec 05, 2013
DeLonghi ovens use teflon balls
by: Lahni

This is about DuraStone II enamel on Delonghi toaster ovens, from Wiki Answers and based on DeLonghi Customer Service:

What is DuraStone Enamel which is used on the inside of DeLonghi Toaster Ovens made of?

Durastone II enamel is made of substances of clay particles of teflon. 
(DeLonghi Customer Service)

Note: It looks like DuraStone II is not the same substance as DuraStone used in flooring. Lahni]

Dec 05, 2013
Cuisinart CSO300 Combo Steam Convection Oven
by: gettyhealthier

Correction: The cost of the Cuisinart Steam Oven is $299.00, not $249.00. Since I no longer have pets for health reasons, I don't know if having one in general is healthy for any of the birds. I would make sure you have a fan above it and close the kitchen doors if you can, just because of the heat.

Dec 05, 2013
Cuisinart CSO300 Combo Steam Convection Oven
by: gettyhealthier

Hi Bird Lovers,
I have chronic Lyme Disease and many infections and have been looking to find a non-toxic toaster oven without any Teflon coating or ceramic w/Teflon. Since my searches didn't find any all ceramic, I started looking for non-aluminized all stainless steel interior. I know there are some stainless steel interiors that also have "coatings" on them. Some state they have a 'stainless non-stick interior', so you don't want that. I just got off the phone with Cuinsinart, and they said that the CSO300 is all 100% stainless steel with no aluminum layer or base. I made a separate call and asked if it had any coatings or paint, and they said 'no', it's all 100% stainless steel. Don't mix up the other Cuisinart convection oven with this one, it has a "non-stick" coating like I mentioned. The CSO300 is pricy at $249 at the top-end, but I'll use my 20% off coupon at BB&B to get a lower price. Hope this helps. I would also recommend that you do not use CFL bulbs, birds may be sensitive to the EMF's they discharge. I've switched all mine. Good Luck.

Feb 10, 2013
Toaster Oven
by: Anonymous

Ths relates to a comment on Durastone II Enamel coating on inside of convection toaster ovens.
Are you certain this material is not toxic?
Or, is it composed of Teflon as some state?

Dec 15, 2012
careful in believing everything you read
by: Liz WE

I know this conversation is quite old but am posting what I have learned in hopes it will help someone. I was unsatisfied with the lack of reliable info on durastone so did some digging of my own. Evidently durastone is a defective ceramic flooring material made by Congoleum, makers of another unrelated product called DuraCeramic. DuraStone is made of crushed limestone. I don't know how safe limestone is when heated or if toxicity is an issue, but I do very strongly suspect that the Teflon reference everyone keeps pointing to may have been provided by a savvy competitor in th toaster oven business. All conjecture of course, but the Teflon reference is just a little to perfect considering all the concern.

Editor's note: I removed the links because they have nothing to do with toaster ovens and only were about how to install flooring etc.

Dec 01, 2012
teflon and how its "hidden" in so many products!
by: suki

I am adopting an African Grey this weekend. I didnt want to bring it home til I did thorough research on its needs and precautions. I am flabbergasted at the amt of items containing teflon or by products of it. I have taken 2 whole weeks to ready my home & complete research before she arrives (really, so much great information and support from other bird lovers)Opened our eyes about what HUMANS are being exposed to besides our poor pet world. Also have to rid house of toaster oven and am researching paint products safe for bird cages.Still conflicting info out there and too much at stake to make a mistake.Any suggestions?

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Sep 01, 2011
Do most regular ovens have non-stick?
by: CP

I just moved into a house which already has a 14 yr old oven. I just called the company and they said it does NOT have nonstick but DO use caution and remove birds/animals from area if you use the self-clean (which I won't use) feature.

My last oven was newer than this one and I have not had a problem with normal use (mostly baking). I have 2 Quaker parrots that are about 15-20 feet from the stove.

I will be planning on buying a new oven soon and will ask when buying if it has nonstick. My big question to any of you who can answer it is - do all/most regular ovens have nonstick? I hope not.

I have recently been made aware of the issue of it being most toaster ovens and the few that don't have it didn't have great reviews so guess i'm getting a regular toaster instead.

May 24, 2011
These toaster ovens are teflon-free
by: Lahni

There is one brand that makes toaster ovens that are teflon-free. The interior is aluminized steel. The brand is Waring Pro.
I know these 2 models are teflon-free, and maybe all their models are:
Waring Pro TCO600
Waring Pro WTO150
If you go up on Amazon and read reviews you will find that these 2 are, for sure, teflon free.

Also, DeLonghi advertises their toaster ovens as having enamel or ?durastone? interiors. This is deceptive. Their "enamel" is actually tiny balls of teflon.

Jan 17, 2010
Both of my birds just died!
by: TikiKiki

I just came into my family room and found both of my parakeets sitting in the bottom of their cage and they died right before my eyes! They were just chirping not an hour ago. I was broiling in my oven but I don't believe there is Teflon coating inside.

Dec 28, 2009
How can you tell if it's teflon?
by: Jay

We have a couple toaster ovens. Both of them seem like the inside looks like black plastic. Is this teflon? Where can you find one without teflon? Anyway, the highest temperatures we cook with them is like 425ºF or maybe 450º (is that a safe temperature?), and anyway we have a parakeet like 20 feet away from the kitchen, and he's fine.

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Oct 19, 2009
by: Linda

Tracie just about covered all the bases on this, and what I know about teflon is that if it becomes overheated without some kind of coating on it like some type of oil or such it CAN produce toxic fumes. The fumes are also dangerous for humans, dogs and cats, so I would contact the manufacturer of both your toaster oven and regular oven and see what safety guidelines they have for you on them. You can usually either call or go online. Make sure you have the make and model of the items so they will know exactly which item you are referring to. Mention your birds too, so they know you are talking about very sensitive creatures.

Not using the "self-cleaning" feature is a very good idea, and with telfon coating on ovens, it should be easy to just clean with damp cloth or scrub brush and some safe soap or cleaner. Oven cleaners of all kinds are poison and toxic for birds, dogs and cats, so I would clean using plain old soap and water and cloths or sponges.

As for distance from kitchen, you are okay, and ALWAYS keep your birds inside cages anytime anything is being cooked in kitchen for safety reasons. Birds can and do fly onto hot stoves or oven tops and into pots of boiling liquid. Kitchens are not safe for birds to be around when meal preparation is going on. To be safe, PUT YOUR BIRDS IN CAGES AND KEEP THEM THERE UNTIL EVERYTHING IS CLEANED, COOLED AND PUT AWAY.

I'd check with your manufacturer's on the ovens you have, and if necessary, take the toaster oven back and get one that is uncoated. If that is not possible, make sure manufacturer's know you are talking about bird safety specifically so they will understand your concerns.

I do believe Teflon has been the worst thing they have ever come up with besides oven cleaners for the kitchen.

Let us know what information you find out from the manufacturers because WE ALL NEED TO KNOW THE ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS as our bird's lives depend on them. We'll look forward to reading what you find out, and thanks very much for bringing this up so it can be fully discussed.

Oct 19, 2009
Bird safe cooking
by: Anonymous

I am on a bird forum where recently someone lost 6 fids within 15 minutes. This was attributed to a non stick coating on a new toaster oven. Be very careful. If in doubt, throw it out. I wouldn't use one.

Oct 18, 2009
Toaster Oven
by: isabel

thankfully I am aware of all the dangers, I researched allot when I purchased my first bird.

I am assuming because everyone out there has an oven that there is a safe way to use it without causing danger to their birds. So I am hoping to establish safe guide lines.

so please if anyone knows please share. keep in mind i do not use non stck pans, concerned about the coating in the oven.

Oct 17, 2009
Teflon toasters etc. dangerous for birds
by: Tracie

I am sorry to say, but not only Teflon coated toaster ovens and regular ovens are all you have to be worried about. There are Teflon coated irons and ironing boards, silicone spill pads and bakeware and on and on and on.

The danger of Teflon is that it gives off toxic fumes when it gets too hot. From what I understand, as long as you don't use the self cleaning feature you will be fine. Of course, if you forget and leave on the broiler or someone comes along and moves the temperature up over 450 or something, then you are sunk.

I don't know that you can purchase an oven without the coating these days, you should not purchase one with the self cleaning feature so that it doesn't accidentally get used by some well meaning person that doesn't know it will kill your birds.

I do think you can find a toaster oven, iron, ironing board and other small items without Teflon and I would do that if I were you.

Anyone with more knowledge out there reading this, please feel free to correct me. Our birds lives are at stake and I do NOT know everything.

Thanks for writing!

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