tobacco & parrots

by lisa larkins
(shasta lake CA)

some one told me tobacco was like a drug to parrots is it true

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Oct 14, 2012
Tobacco & Parrots
by: Anonymous

Tobacco is very dangerous for your birds.

Never smoke in the same room as them. Fact, smoke outside. My cousin is a smoker, and has birds.
What she does is she has clothes she changes into when she goes outside to smoke. She comes in, washes her hands VERY well, and her face. She will smell her hands if it still smells like tobacco, then it wasnt washed well enough, and then washes them again. Then she puts her outfit for the day back on.

See. Nicotine clinges to your skin, especially your hands and face. AND your clothes. So thus she smokes in a different set of clothes.

This is to prevent the bird from being exposed to the nicotine. It may seem extreme, but, she loves her birds very much, and knows the importance of keeping the smoke, smell and nicotine away from them.

Purfumes can also be bad for the bird, It may cover up smoke smell, but doesnt get it off your skin. So putting on perfume isnt going to protect the bird, if the nicotine is still on your skin.

Hope this helps.

Oct 13, 2012
tobacco & parrots
by: Linda

As Tracie said, tobacco is a horrible poison for birds whether breathed in the case of smoking around them or ingesting it. Catnip is also deadly as are most of the other dried herbs.

I don't know who this person is who told this fable, but please continue to ask the right people the right questions so your bird is not killed by poison. If you smoke, and my husband and I do, take the smokes outside winter and summer. Even Dogs and Cats are damaged by second hand smoke as are humans in the house including babies and children. Best thing is to quit, and we're still having problems completely stopping, so we keep it away from our birds and dogs, and house does not smell like stale smoke either.


Oct 13, 2012
Tobacco and parrots do not mix
by: Tracie

It is not like a drug, it is more like a poison. Nobody should smoke inside a home that has a parrot.

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