Tobi and Cookie - Lovebirds

by Carly

I recently got 2 peach faced lovebirds for $30 each. I have one male and female named Tobi and Cookie. Now Tobi has some attitude, when I talk to him he screams back and when I'm talking to my mom or dad he will scream as if he wants to join in on the coversation.

Cookie is very calm and sweet, she loves to sleep in her Happy Hut. I have had them for about 4-5 months now and I taught them a neat trick. When I ask them a yes of no question I taught them to bob their heads to answer. When I let them out of the cage they will immediatly go on the curtain rod in my room. They like to "shimmy" on the rod. Thought they are not very tame they love to be the center of attention.

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Nov 11, 2011
by: Carliy

Thank you Linda, it people like you that give bird breeders like me confidence in what I do, even at the young age of twelve. And this confidence pushes me and others to succeed in what we do and try our best.

Oct 25, 2011
Tobi and Cookie - Lovebirds
by: Linda

Thank you very much for your uplifting letter. You are doing very well with your birds, and you seem to understand the concept of earning a bird's trust which is a very difficult concept for most people. As your bird's trust in you grows, they will become more willing to allow themselves to be handled. Having a pair of birds makes it more difficult in that it takes much more time than with a single bird who is dependent on only you. A pair has each other and are not as needy for your praise and bond as if this were a one on one situation.

The fact they have learned tricks from you is very good in that it shows they have a high regard for you regardless of whether they ever become fully tame. Tame to some means fully broken and subservient to another. Most parrots will never become this way with their human caretakers. They are all individuals who are for the most part still the exotic wild animals they were always meant to be. You are enjoying them as they are, and much praise is deserved for this simple act of kindness and understanding.

You are a shining example of how to work with the birds as they are instead of trying to dominate them with how you want them to be.

I'm very happy to make your acquaintance and please keep us informed of your continuing work with your birds so others can begin to understand what relationship with a parrot is really about. Parrot/Human relationships are about mutual respect and a never ending desire to understand each other. You are a good teacher, and you also know that you are a student by being willing to learn from your birds as much as you are teaching them. Bravo and Cheers!!!


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