Tobi & Cookie (a Lovebird story)

by Carly

I got Tobi & Cookie at a bird breeder for about $30 each. Well more like I rescued them. The owner would keep these birds in tiny cages and he would smoke near them! And he kept the door open so it was drafty and carbon dioxide would come in because the store was right next to a busy street. I nursed them back to health and now keep them in a big cage with tons of toys. I think I spoil them to much but they don't. They absolutly love the home. I believe that they are old enough for breeding.

One day my neighbor got them a toy. It looked like half of a coconut with a bunch of beads, well the next day it was on the cage floor because the birds had bitten through the 2 cm. thick heavy duty string. Those birds are jus crazy...but cute! I love them with all my heart and taught them several tricks like to bob their heads when I ask the a yes or no question even though they are not really tame. And when I let them out and put a perch near them they jump on. I have had them for about five months now.

P.S.-I posted some picture but sorry if they do not appear I don't know why but they seem to not appear?

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Nov 18, 2011
Tobi & Cookie (a Lovebird story)
by: Linda

Thank You for loving your birds and doing all you can to make them comfortable and safe. This means the world to them as do you.

The toy you mentioned is a half coconut shell, and you can fix it back up for them if you want to. Since they are small Lovebirds, you can buy natural wood pieces that have been cut and sanded and with holes already drilled in them. You'll need to do a search on the internet to find these pieces Make sure the wood has no clear coat or stain, just the plain safe wood. There is a list here for safe wood, so study it. The rope you have to use is 1/4" thick 100% cotton rope which can also be found doing an internet search. A knot or two has to be tied tight between each toy piece, and this keeps them from chewing right through the rope. They can eventually chew through it, but it'll take longer than a single strand does. You string the toy parts onto the rope. For the 1/4" cotton rope,you'll need 3/8" holes so the rope will fit through them. For the coconut shell toy base, the rope is pulled through 3/8" holes and a knot or 2 is made to keep rope from coming back through holes. Then just adjust height so your birds can get to all the pieces, and they'll have fun with this. I assume you already have the hanger to hang it as it probably came with a way to hang it.

Again, you are a very special person, and your birds also think you're special. Keep up the good work and keep loving them. As for breeding, it's very expensive and more work than you can imagine. Probably best to forget about it.

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