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Feb 09, 2009
Toe curling
by: The Vet

It is possible that she was going to lay an egg. Do you know the sex of your bird? What kind of bird is it?

What are you feeding your bird? If your bird is on pellets, then DO NOT give any more vitamins. This will overdose her. IF she is not on pellets, then you need to switch her to pellets. Either way, discontinue the vitamins. They can cause more problems than they help.

Please read my Switching Birds to Pellets article if you need help with this.

It is possible is there has been an injury to her toe. I would think egg binding first.

You should take her in for a work up. Find an avian veterinarian.

Dr. B

Feb 06, 2009
toe curling
by: Anonymous

You didn't say the age or type of bird but she is sick or maybe has had a stroke. Please take it to the vet. Its never normal for a bird to lay in the bottom of the cage unless its maybe laying eggs or sitting on them.

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