Too many birds!!!!!

by Emily

We started out an inexperienced bird owner with 3 parakeets. That quickly multiplied to ten! We have since separated them into boy and girl cages. Their cages are spacious, and we also let them out for a couple hours a day to stretch their wings and fly around. Last night one of them got their little toe stuck in the blind. She was favoring it after and it looked discolored.

We took her to the vet this morning and came home $400 later with a splinted broken ankle. We have long known that we really can't afford to keep all these birds. Although we love them all dearly, this experience has shown us that we would never be able to afford proper care for all of them. I would hate to not be able to provide medical attention for any of them because of my financial situation.

My issue is this: I don't want to give these birds to anyone who isn't going to take as good or better care of them than we do. Also, I don't want them to be separated. They are all brothers and sisters and love being together. Are there any resources for my situation? I live in Connecticut. I appreciate any suggestions/input/etc.

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Oct 02, 2011
Too many birds
by: Tracie

Kudos to you for admitting you need to find homes for your birds and for caring where they go.

First, don't let the birds fly around your home unless you have a bird safe room. Keep them locked up until you find a home for them, or make a room bird safe for them to fly in.

I suggest you try to find a breeder to take the birds. It is unlikely you are going to find an individual to take all the birds and provide for them properly.

You can find a breeder, usually, by looking in local papers for someone that sells more than one bird. Call them and see if they will take the birds.

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