Too young??

(Ontario Canada)

Tonight while cuddling and playing my 85 day old Green Wing Macaw (Hatched Nov.30th) looked as though he was regurgitating for me. No food was expelled. Do baby of that age do this???

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Feb 24, 2010
Too young??
by: Linda

This is a normal behavior to show love to parrots' human family or even a favorite toy or another bird.

Hopefully your baby is still being handfed as he is too young to be weaned at this time. He still needs to be eating handfeeding formula fed with a syringe, and if he is not, he may not be getting enough to eat. Macaw mothers feed their babies up to a year in the wild. They do not feed them every morsal, but they DO supplement them while they are learning what types of foods to eat. Baby parrots play with their food more than they eat it at first, so if you are not feeding him, he needs to be handfed for up to 6 months of age and you can be tapering it off during the last month of that time.

If you don't know how or you were not instructed on how to do this, go to the breeder you got bird from and have them show you. If you are, keep doing it for a few more months until he is eating all he needs by himself. I wouldn't even start the weaning for another month and then you'll need to be feeding him at least 120cc's of formula twice a day. As you see him eating more than he plays with or throws out, you can eventually cut this down to a night or morning feed, whichever one works best for the bird. Most people let them eat their fill during the day and then give a feed at night about the time of your evening meal.

The reason I mentioned this is the regurgitation can also mean he wants YOU TO FEED HIM as his mother would be doing.

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