Totally confused!!

by Sumintra
(Washington, D.C.)

I just got a Conure about 5 months ago. She was a baby when I got her and she was living with a vet when he advised me that he could no longer take care of the bird. I took her in.

I have had parrots before, trained and succesfully raised them to live over 13 years.. I am referring to our lovebirds.

Last night my mother noticed that Mekai (the conure) was on the bottom of the cage. I was with her earlier that morning. She looked incredibly healthy, alert, and responsive. In the evening my mother called me to tell me that she was having issue breathing, her eyes were closing, and she was lethargic. Moments after she died in my mothers hands.

2 hours later, we noticed that another bird (parakeet) that we had dropped to the floor..???.. She died shortly after also. They are both fed totally different diets, and foods, so we cannot figure out what happend.

The most notable thing was that there seemed to be a small infestation of little brown moths in and around their cages.. I tried my bes to get them out, but they kept coming back because they are attracted to the wheat aspect of the birds foods..

This has been so disheartening and confusing. Can you pull anything out of this that might help us solve the problem? I did notice though that the conure was sneezing the day before? But how could the other bird die also? They are in totally different sides of the room.

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Jan 29, 2009
Birds dying suddenly
by: Tracie

I am soooo sorry this happened!

The only way to really know what happened is to have a necropsy done by the vet. Dr. B can not tell you what happened since he can not examine the birds.

Our suspicion, since they both died and were not eating the same food or in contact with each other, is that something airborne got them.

Teflon is in and on so many products. Many toaster ovens are lined with Teflon, irons often have Teflon bottoms, even some ironing board covers have Teflon in them! This could have been Teflon induced.

Then there are gas leaks. I personally know of one lady who lost a bird that was kept in her son's room. The child also became mysteriously sick, so they thought the "sick" bird must have infected their child.

They did not smell gas, but upon investigating they discovered that a pipe in the wall next to that room had a gas leak. The bird saved her child's life.

Air fresheners, hair spray, oven cleaners, household cleaners and the like can also kill birds when they breathe the fumes. Oh, and some candle wicks are lead based and also kill birds.

The list goes on and on. I don't know what else to say, but I am very, very sorry.

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