Totally Organic Bird Seed by Totally Organics is perfect for small ground feeding birds like Parakeets, Cockatiels and Parrotlets.

Totally Organic Bird Seed mix of Certified Organic Oat Groats, Millet, Flax Seeds, and Canary seeds.

Serve Dry, Soaked or Sprouted!!! For all the small hook bills that think and act like they are 10 feet tall, often called Napoleon Syndrome, thus the name Napoleon's Seed Mix for Small Birds. Simply the best totally organic bird seed I have found.

Totally Organics Napoleon's Seed Mix

Napoleons Organic Bird Seed 1 lb
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Napoleons Organic Bird Seed 5 lbs
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TOP organic seed mix is for all the small hook bills that think and act like they are 10 feet tall, often called Napoleon syndrome.

Like our TOP All-in-One soak and dry seed mix, Napoleon's Seed Mix can be fed dry or soaked for about 5-8 hours. (See instructions below.)

Many small parrots like Cockatiels, Parakeets, and Parrotlets are ground feeders. That means a good amount of their daily food is seed. Bourke's Parakeets definitely need this totally organic bird seed mix.

The seeds they eat in nature are often germinated. When seeds germinate (soak up/absorb humidity) they get ready to provide the necessary boost of nutrition for a plant to develop and grow. All this nutrition is provided when seeds are soaked or germinated. When you soak Napoleon’s Seed Mix, it has the same nutritional value.

Certified Organic Ingredients: Oat Groats, Millet, Flax Seeds, Canary seeds

Soaking Instructions:

We feed them dry on a daily basis. A few times a week we soak them for 5-8 hours, rinse them with a little organic apple cider vinegar and feed them to the birds.

If some are left over, we just keep them in the fridge. They start sprouting and we rinse them again before feeding.

For ultimate organic nutrition for your birds, feed them the Totally Organics Pellets and our other Totally Organics All-in-One Seed Mix.

Visit our Parrot Supply Store when you are done with our Totally Organic Bird Seed for Small Birds.

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