Totally Organic Seed Mix for Feeding Dry or for Sprouting

Our Totally Organic Seed Mix is the perfect companion to our Totally Organic Pellets

TOP Totally Organics All In One Seed Mix

Totally Organic Seed Mix

TOP All in One Seed Mix by Totally Organics™

100% Certified Organic Ingredients!

TOP All in One is an organic human grade seed mix, which can be fed dry (right out of the bag), soaked for 10-12 hours or sprouted.

TOP All in One is the seed mix that gives you the ability to feed a variety with only one mix!

We here at TOP feed them dry on a daily basis. A few times a week we soak them for 10-12 hours, rinse them with a little organic Apple cider vinegar and feed them to the birds. If some are left over, we just keep them in the fridge. They start sprouting and we rinse them again before feeding.

Certified Organic Human Grade Ingredients: Barley, Rye Berries, Spelt, Kamut, Buckwheat, Millet, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin Seeds and Rice.

Because of the possibility of cyanide poisoning when sprouting milo, this mix does not contain milo any more.

Totally Organics All In One Seed Mix

Totally Organics Seed Mix - 1lb
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Totally Organics Seed Mix - 5lb
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