toys budgie birds like?

by benny

what toys will my new budgie bird like? why pellets?

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Aug 18, 2009
Toys and food for budgie parrots
by: Tracie

My budgies love toys with mirrors and bells the most. They also love chewing up toys with tiny sticks and toys with cotton threads hanging off of them.

Some budgies like to sleep in bird tents but ours like to preen each other in theirs. I hung a toy in one end of the door and they will sit there to "preen" the threads on it too. ;-)

The reason we feed our birds Harrison's pellets is because they will increase the years that they will live. Birds on seed diets live short lives and usually die of fatty liver disease or some other disease.

If your bird only eats seed for now, please read our Switching Birds to Pellets article. Once we see our new birds eat a pellet, we only put pellets in their dish in the morning. They are hungriest in the morning, and this encourages them to eat the pellets.

In the evening, when we are eating dinner, we put a small amount of seed in their dish. If they ate all their pellets, then we will put more seed in than if they only ate a few pellets that day. We don't want them to think they can starve themselves all day and wait for seed. ;-)

Only do the above AFTER you are sure they recognize pellets as food. We had the opposite problem with one of our parakeets. That parakeet was weaned to pellets and had never eaten a seed. It took over a year for us to get that bird to eat seeds! LOL

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