Toys when breeding

When breeding your parrots do you want toys in the cage?

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Jul 26, 2012
a lot of info. :)
by: Anonymous

thanks for all the info.

Jul 25, 2012
Toys when breeding
by: Linda

If you have wooden toys in there for them to chew, then leave them in because they need to continue with their chew toys. If you have acrylic stuff or toys they cannot chew on, then remove them to keep cage as neat as possible.

Basically parrots need safe wood chew toys rather than all the acrylic brightly colored ones that they don't really like to play with anyway. I make my bird's toys using 1/4" three ply cotton rope and safe wood pieces with a 3/8" hole drilled in them so rope can go through. You'll also need toy bases which are the parts at the top of toys so rope can go through various holes that hold strung pieces. Make sure toy pieces have one or two tight knots at either end of piece throughout length of rope which will keep birds from being able to chew through the rope for a while anyway. The knots are as much fun to work as are the wooden pieces. Use either stainless steel or nickel plated hardware and this includes on perches as well as hanging toys. Zinc is as poison for birds as lead, and all toys coming from China are loaded with zinc if not lead too.

Be careful about all hardware in your bird's cages because zinc and lead are highly toxic and are stored in bird's soft tissue until too much is there and death will occur.


Jul 25, 2012
by: Asif Arain

If a breeding season is here and you left toys in the
Cage the bird won't incubate eggs instead of playing
With them so I am not a breeder not I have tried it my self that's my personal opinion.
Thanks for posting and keep posted

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