Training a 2 year old macaw from pet store

We are looking at a greenwing that has been in a pet store for 2 she still trainable? She seems friendly but won't let us pet her head and is a bit skittish. The store is noisy and she is out on a perch all of the time. Also, how do we get her to stop pulling buttons off clothes?

Thank you so much for your time!

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Mar 19, 2011
Mini Macaw concern
by: Dawn

I'm looking a t a mini macaw that is not friendly. It bites until you get him/her out of the cage. Then he/her is nervous. Can it become friendly once I get it home and work with it?

Editor's note: You asked a question as an answer to this question. Please post future questions as a new question under Parrot Questions. Yes, it is possible with much time and patience. Read the articles on our Parrot Training page for more information.

Mar 01, 2011
Training a 2 year old macaw from pet store
by: Linda

First and foremost, ask pet store manager if they will pay for a thorough exam by an Avian Vet before you buy her. In pet stores, birds are exposed to many infections from other birds, if she stays outside cage on perch all the time, she has been exposed to human disease and infections. The stress level is obviously tremendous, and stress brings down a bird's immune system allowing all kinds of infections to enter and grow.

If they refuse to take her to an Avian Vet and produce the signed papers from the Avian Vet, then you may wish to either stop or proceed according to your choice. She needs to be out of that environment, and keep in mind that if YOU take her to an Avian Vet make sure it is within the first 24-48 hours because the pet store can be made to pay the entire avian vet bill IF you get her in there for an exam quickly. Have avian vet check for both bacterial and viral infection, have bloodwork done to see what blood levels are for her organs and if there is the presence of any other problems. If the bird shows positive for any infections or other physical problems, take written report back to pet store owner/manager and tell them you want them to to reimburse you for your costs. We recommend an Avian Vet exam for all new birds during the first couple of days just so whoever sold a sick bird cannot say it was the buyer's fault bird got sick. Protect yourself because I'd imagine you'll be paying dearly for a GreenWing.

The large birds can live up to and including 100 years of age, so a two year old is just that, a two year old baby who can be trained. If you have no experience in handling the large parrots, then do not get this bird because Macaws and Large Cockatoos do not make good first birds. They are exotic wild animals who will behave as they would in the wild if very afraid or strssed out, so make sure you know what you are doing here. I've trained Macaws and Cockatoos and have been attacked by both on more than one occasion, so a warning is necessary for you and families' safety.

Your bird will need a large Macaw Cage with heavy duty steel bars not flimsy wire. Perches need to be made of hardwoods like Manzanita so bird cannot destroy it quickly. Same with toys, and the parrots love to chew on wood. You have much learning to do if you've never had any of the Macaw family because they are unique unto themselves. They can be the sweetest parrots in the world or your worst enemy as they are headstrong, stubborn and will use their very loud voices to get their way. You need to know what you are doing and training materials are found here as well as high quality organic pellets and many other items you'll need for her. I envy you this beautiful, wonderful bird and please be worthy of the trust she will place in you in time. Birds' trust is earned not freely given, so it may take a while before she trusts you fully.

All the best to all of you! Write us again and send pictures of your new family member!


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