Training a conure

by Deborah
(Malden Ma)

I adopted a green cheek conure from my local shelter. They said she is about 1 year old. I purchased a large cage for her and bought toy's etc. However, she will let me put my hand in the cage without biting, but she will not let me near her when I try to train her.

I have had her for 2 weeks now, and she will not play with her toys either. She is eating well, and she screams, which I believe is normal. Just don't know how long it will take for her to trust me. Am I expecting to much to soon? How much time a day should be spent trying to gain trust with her? This is my first Conure.

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Mar 17, 2011
Getting conure to like you
by: Tracie

Did you read the articles I posted Deb? I feel for you. I know when my Buddie, a green cheek, suddenly decided I was the devil incarnate it hurt me terribly. It took a LOT of time and patience, but we did eventually become friends again.

Ii had a bad experience with my mom's African grey also. One time when I picked him up, he bit me. We had always gotten along, so I was not prepared for the bite and I reacted by shaking my hand and he fell to the floor. He hated me from then on. I should have just put him back on the perch and turned my back on him, but he never trusted me after that. (My fault for getting bit, I should have paid attention to his body language and known he didn't want to be held at that time.)

I could have gotten his trust back, if I lived with him. But because I didn't come and take the time to earn his trust and love, it never happened.

Find out what the bird really loves, be it a Popsicle stick to destroy or fruit etc. Then reward him as he lets you get near him, the lets you touch him, then lets you hold him etc. Watch his body language, and respect him while trying to push the training a little bit every day.

Honestly, read the training articles over and over and over again and you will get the gist of what to do. Don't give up.

Mar 17, 2011
conure training
by: Deb

If she is 1 year old, is she still considered
a young conure and still trainable? When I got her
the resque center was feedeing her seeds, which I
had stopped and feed her only pellet's and fresh
fruit daily.She loves her fruit and eats the pellets. This is all new to me and I am getting discouraged. She is adorable and I love her. When
do you think she will get comfortable with me, like I said, I have only had her 2 weeks.

Mar 15, 2011
Conure Training
by: Tracie

This is not unusual at at all. In fact, don't be surprised if the bird suddenly decides you can NOT put your hand in the cage. We had to open the cage door and let our conures come out to hold them. They would viciously attack our hands in the cage, because they became cage territorial.

You will have to try all kinds of different toys for your bird to see what kind it likes. We had one conure that only liked rope toys, it liked to preen the strings. The other conure, same cage, enjoyed shreddible toys and bells.

You didn't ask about food, but I feel I must throw in the suggestion that you convert your bird to a healthy pellet diet asap if it only eats seeds or colored pellets. Your bird will live longer, and have much less opportunity of getting sick. Also, some birds have personality problems from eating colored pellets and some nuts.

We have articles on our Parrot Training page that specifically talk about conures, and our Conure page has stories written by conure owners at the bottom of the page you might enjoy reading.

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