Training Lovebirds

by Carly

I would like to finger train my peach faced lovebirds that I got about 3 months age. But I have no idea on how to train them. Their wings are clipped but they are not very tame. When I take them out of their cage and put a perch near them, they step on it. They allow me to put them in a cage this way, but they are hand shy.

I am 12 and have had experiences with zebra finches. I used to breed them. I also do not know how old my lovies are. My lovies allow me to get close to the cage without making noise. No one else will help me. I would also like to know if they are any color mutations of any sort. And how can I introduce new foods to them such as carrots or bird treats?

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Nov 04, 2011
Training birds
by: Tracie

I am sorry this was not answered. I suggest you read our training articles on our Parrot Training page for help with training your birds.

I don't know anything about mutations, I am not a breeder. I suggest you find a good breeder and talk to them.

As far as food goes, you just have to keep trying new things, and accept that some birds just never want fresh food. If you are feeding a healthy pellet like Harrison's or Roudybush then you don't have to worry about fresh food at all.

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