training my bird to talk

by priya

hello...i am priya from hyderabad....i just wanna know at what age i can train my parrot to talk or whistle ..and when i can feed them fruits (from what age)it will be a great help for me if u can help me and guide me ...

thanks a lot for all the help you are rendereing to bird lovers ..
priya from hyderabad/india

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Apr 28, 2011
here is some help..
by: Deepansh

you have to mention your bird species for 100% right information....however here is some help:
there is no age for a bird to get trained for talking..i mean you just do conversation with him since beginning and he will repeat or mimic your words when he is 7-8 months old....talking about fruits, you should start giving him fruits when he is about two months old...

Apr 21, 2011
Teaching your bird to talk
by: Tracie

You didn't mention the species of bird that you have, but you can read the articles on our Parrot Training page for some ideas.

Basically, you will want to spend time with your bird saying, in an excited voice, the things you wish your bird to say. Birds seem to respond to exaggerated noises, so sounding excited when you speak seems to help sometimes.

Some birds start repeating things before they are even weaned, so age doesn't matter.

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