Training parakeets

by Melesio

Hello , I have two parakeets about 5 years now . A male and a female . Am trying to tame them but it very hard , my female budgie is catching on but my male budgie have nothing to go with me , whenever i try to put my hand in their cage yo try the training process the female look interesting but my male will fly to the back of the cage at start blinking at me . Please help me . Thank you .

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May 03, 2013
Training parakeets in same cage
by: Tracie

First of all, you will likely have a difficult time because they are bonded with each other and may not see a reason to bond with you. For them this is a good thing, you would not want a giant bird to come and take you away from your human companion and try to make you just love them.

On the other hand, there is no reason for you to stop trying to gain both bird's trust and possibly hand train them. You will need to start with gaining their trust and then giving them a reason to want to be with you.

Please read the training articles at this Parrot Training page link. Read all the training articles, because you may glean something from each of them.

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