Training two budgies

by Sal

Is it harder to traine Two budgies at the same time rather than one at a time? male and Female

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Feb 04, 2011
Training two budgies
by: Linda

Yes, it is harder and it is recommended that birds be brought in one at a time just for this reason. Once two are together, the training gets more difficult because they bond with each other and do not wish to cooperate with the human trainer.

In this case, put each bird into its own cage and then remove one at a time for playing with and training. Make training fun and keep sessions short like 10 or 15 minutes a couple of times a day. Praise every little thing done right because this gives them self confidence that they are pleasing you. They can still play out of cage together, just keep both in their own cages because even once training is done, putting them back together could cause them to revert back to the old behaviors. Also, you want to avoid breeding if possible because there are already too many birds out there living in bad homes because there are too many birds of all kinds being bred, and like with dogs and cats, there are just so many good homes to be found. Parrots of all descriptions are moved around a lot and each home is sometimes worse than the last. A lot of these birds end up living in abusive and neglectful homes because someone should have NOT bred them and went ahead and did. There is no money in breeding birds if birds are fed correctly, housed safely and taken to avian vet when needed. The ones making money are the ones who feed low quality diets, don't care what kind of cage the bird has and will do anything to keep from taking a sick bird to vet. They make money on the blood and suffering on these innocent birds and need to be stopped one at a time until only a few birds are being bred. This is my personal opinion and not necessarily that of anyone else. I've seen parrots that have been so mis-used as to be almost insane from all the suffering. This is NOT what we are here to do with any animals or birds as we are supposed to be their caretakers and guardians. Take good care of your birds, and your blessings will be many and often seen.

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