I'm concerned about transporting my macaw from the environment it has been living in (a high valley, moderate temperature of 23°C, low humidity) for over ten years, to his new home in the caribbean, seaside and very humid. People have told me I should beware the changes in salinity and humidity, that it might stress the bird and kill it, and that I should wait over a six month period and gradually transport it over the different environments. Could this be a real concern? Will my macaw suffer if I transport it in one day (a five hour drive from the valley into the coastside?)

Thank you! :)

Suzy H.

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Jul 17, 2018
What about conures......
by: Pineapple_Conure

I know your bird is a macaw, and he was moving to a lower altitude, but what about pineapple green cheek conures? I want to take my Conure up to Mammoth (summertime, warm-cool breezes), which is 8,000 ft elevation over a 5 hour drive, and I live in LA, sea level. Do you think he would be okay? I’ve taken advice from a previous answer, but does this info I gave change the answers about your macaw?

Thank You! 😊 🐣

Jan 27, 2011
by: Linda

If you are only talking a 5 hour drive, I say it will probably be okay. This is keeping in mind your bird will need to be kept inside and not allowed to get too hot or cold at any given time including during the trip. Do not place cage over or under any air vents as these cause upper respiratory problems as they cause a draft. This includes open windows where a cross draft is formed because a draft is a draft and for birds they are deadly.

Also, you will need to take him to an Avian Vet in your driving area before trip to make sure he is healthy enough to relocate. An already sick bird or one becoming ill will suffer from a change in climate such as this. Also make sure you have an Avian Vet close enough to drive to in the new area because dog and cat vets cannot diagnose and treat birds. They are not licensed or trained and end up either doing nothing or killing your bird with either wrong meds and/or an overdose. Birds have no fat on their bodies, so any overusage of drugs goes directly into the liver and can cause death. So check this out soon as you can because birds being relocated like this sometimes get sick because of stress.

Also, make sure all his toys and other favorite things including his cage are brought to new place as he will feel better about it if he has everything the way he had it in your other home.

Thanks for writing and have a happy, safe trip,

Jan 27, 2011
Moving bird to different altitude
by: The Avian Vet

No, your bird will not be harmed. In fact his new environment will be much healthier than the one he is leaving. Parrots do much better in high humidity, and who could not thrive in the Caribbean.

Dr B

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