Traumatized canary

by Amy
(Mansfield, OH USA)

My canary escaped his cage and my small dog and cat were found overtop of him on the floor. He does not appear to have physical injuries, however he doesn't sing and just sits in one place (not flying from perch to perch). He appears to be eating, mostly his favorites. We are keeping him quite and in partially covered cage during the day, keeping the room temp at 74 degrees. He seems a little weak and shakey.

This happened on Sunday and today is Monday.

Is there hope for him to become back to normal and what are your suggestions?

Thank you,


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Nov 21, 2011
Canary traumatized by dog and cat
by: Tracie

This really can't wait a week or more for Dr B to answer, so I am going to answer for him. I know that he would suggest that you Find an Avian Vet to examine the bird, because even if you don't see an injury, it could have been picked up by one of the animals and could have broken bones.

I suggest you make the appointment, and then if the bird starts acting totally normal, then you can always cancel the appointment.

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