Travel woes

by Casey

I have an 11 year old mustached parakeet named Peepers. Soon I will be moving from Pennsylvania to Florida and I want to take him with me. I was wondering if the journey would be too much for him. Also I wanted to know of ways to make the journey less stressful on him if I do decide to take him with me. He's been in car rides before, but never one as long as this coming move. Please, if you have any input, it would be much appreciated.

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Feb 18, 2009
Traveling with your parakeet
by: Tracie

Purchase a travel cage that you can put familiar perches, toys, water bottle etc. We prefer the Adventure Pack travel cage because it is stainless and will not chip or rust and has the canvas cover.

Purchase the cage you plan on using as soon as you can, so the bird can get used to it before you travel. Put the cage on a table, without the canvas if you get the Adventure Pack, and let the bird discover the cage without you forcing the bird into the cage.

If you put familiar perches and toys and some yummy treats in the dish, the bird will likely go inside and begin to see the cage is not scary.

When on the trip, put at least one of the sides of the canvas down, if you have the Adventure Pack, so that it can hide in the corner but still see out. You might even add a Safe Pedicure Perch and a bird tent so that the bird can either have a good grip or go in the tent when on the road.

Make sure you seat belt in the cage just like you would a child. You may have to put a towel folded up under the cage to level it in the seat. You just never know when you might have to slam on your breaks and you don't want the cage to fly.

Be sure and take the bird out, in the car or hotel, so that it gets some out of the cage time. Also, make sure you lock the car doors and the hotel door so that nobody opens a door while your bird is out.

Don't worry, lots of people travel with their birds regularly. That is why so many people have the Adventure Pack travel cage and other carriers.

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