traveling with lovebirds

by divija
(aurangabad india)

can we carry lovebirds while travelling

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Apr 11, 2013
traveling with lovebirds
by: Linda

If you're not going on vaction and are moving to a new place, it will be okay. Travel with birds has some requirements. They have to have a travel cage. All water usually bounces out in a vehicle, so you will have to stop frequently to give them water and food and give them time to eat and drink. Every two or three hours is how you'll need to do the stopping. Also, you have to bring water from home because birds get digestive upsets drinking different water, so get some 5 gallon clean, new water holders for water.

If would be much better to board your birds with either a friend who knows what to do with them or an AVIAN VET. Travel, unless it is for moving to a new place, is very stressful on birds, and you have to be careful of many toxic problems along the way. New road construction with the blacktop being poured is toxic as is carbon monoxide fumes from other cars. Air conditioning has to be set to very warm because birds will get pneumonia being near any vents in a cold car.

My advice is to find someone to take care of your birds for you either a friend or avian vet. Write up, date and sign a release for medical treatment too so whoever is taking care of them can legally take them to avian vet if sick or injured. This is VERY important in that it is NOT legal for caretakers to take your birds to an avian vet without the release. Vet will not do anything with anyone's pets who has not signed this kind of release. It can be short like, I, name and date, release birds for medical serices to name. It just has to be stated, signed and dated so your birds or other pets can receive medical services if needed.

Thanks for writing,

Apr 11, 2013
travelling with lovebirds
by: Alex

It depends where you are travelling to an how.

If you are travelling by car for instance, you can take them with you.

You will need to either take them ina smaller cage without swinging r tys that cud, come off or swing and hurt them.

If on a long journey you will need to make stops to make sure the birds have something to eat and drink.

For example, when you make toilet stops also feed the birds and give them water in case they are hungry or thirsty.

If n a short journey, then follow the first few paragraphs.

If you are planning to take them abroad they will need a vets certificate to say that they are not unwell and will not bring in diseases. This will involve blood tests etc...

Also, you will need to check with the airline a some will not take birds on the plane or will limit one animal per flight (in the cabin).

It would be best if they could allow your bird in to the cabin rather than in the heated hold where other pets can be stored.

It is advised to take the bird on the plane in a cage that will fit under the seat in front of you during take of and landing

Please leave a comment with more details, so we can tailor the advice to you.

As you can see this comment is long winded as I am trying to think of the possibilities without more details.

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