Traveling with my parrot

by Lisa
(Rome ,Maine)

I have recently aquired a 15 yr. old Blue Front Amazon Parrot.
She has belonged to my sister since she was a baby.
My husband and I are planning to travel from our home in Maine to Florida (via car) where we will stay for approx. 4 months.
I have read all the articles about traveling with your bird and all the safety measures , etc.
But , still , I am just so worried about the amount of stress this will put upon this bird.
It is approx. 1500 miles- 24 hours of riding time over a 2 1/2 day period.
My Parrot , Tootsie- is not exactly hand tame and would likely have to stay in the travel cage the entire time while traveling for fear of not being able to get her back in when ready to leave the motel room !
I would get a her as large of a travel cage as my backseat will allow. (her large collapseable cage will be traveling in the trunk of the car)
I am hoping to hear from other Parrot owners with some input.
Would she be better off to stay in Maine with my sister (her former owner) for the winter or would that be confusing and even more stressful for her ? ?
I have had her for 3 months and she is bonding with me , but still gets very excited when my sister visits.
Any advise is welcome !

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Jul 24, 2008
Traveling with your parrot
by: Tracie

That is a hard call. If the bird is starting to bond with you, then I think I would take the bird. You can spend a lot of time next to the cage while traveling talking to him and giving treats through the bars.

Get him used to the travel cage now. Let him climb all over it, if possible. If not, then put lots of fun toys and treats in it and let him spend a few hours every day in the travel cage.

After he seems comfortable in the cage, then take him for rides in the car several times before your trip.

This is just my opinion, you know your bird better than me. Let us know how it all turns out.

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