Traveling with my Sun Conure

by chris
(abingdon, md)

I am new owner of a 2 year old sun conure and due to health issues with some family member, I need to be away from home for a week. I don't want to leave my new girl unattended for more than a day and I can't travel with her large cage. Can I bring her along with me in a smaller cage, and will she be ok in a smaller cage for up to a week? I will appreciate any suggestions. Thanks,

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Jun 30, 2011
Traveling with your bird
by: Tracie

Yes, you can bring the bird along in a smaller cage.

Pack familiar toys, fill the water bottle with water from home, and bring extra familiar water just in case the water where you are traveling is vastly different tasting.

Because it is a smaller cage, you will want to make sure the wings are trimmed so you can get the bird out of the cage a few times a day.

I suggest you put some familiar perches in the cage too, and toss the cheap round wood perches that come with the cages. Those can cause foot problems.

It is best to go ahead and get the cage and allow the bird to play on and in the cage before the trip if at all possible. This way it isn't in a new cage and traveling in a strange environment all at the same time.

If your bird likes bird tents, these are handy in travel cages because the bird can hide in there when on the road and from strangers, and also can't fall off the perch when stopping and starting at traffic lights.

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