Traveling with Nanday

by Brenda Barnekow
(Winter haven Fl)

I am moving back to M.O. from Florida where I bought my 4 month old Nanday a month ago. It is quite cold already that far up-north; and I am quite concerned about taking her for that long of a ride in the cold. When it gets dark I usualy have to stop and sleep for 4 - 6 hours and I am afraid when the truck is off for that long in the northern states she will die. How else besides covering her cage could I keep her warm? Any help as to how to keep her warm for the 2 day trip would be much appreciated.
Thanks for all advice

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Oct 22, 2009
Traveling with Parrots
by: Linda

First, you will need a travel cage with food and water. Next, you'll need a good heavier cover for it so bird's body heat can be held in by the cover. As long as car heater is working, your bird's cover can be lifted up so the front in uncovered. Third, you will need to stop for the night at a motel and take bird in or it WILL freeze. There is NO way to keep bird warm in a cold car all night. You also do not want to run car and heater when it's not moving as birds are very sensitive to carbon monoxide fumes and will die if exposed.

You'll also need to take a supply of water from where you are now and mix it with any new water as drastic changes in water and/or food will cause severe digestive upsets.

So, you will need to plan this trip around your bird--no other way to do it. Traveling with birds is easy, but in the winter or in the summer heat, special precautions have to be taken. Once you arrive at new place, set up your bird's cage and area right away. Keep bird covered if house is drafty. Do not use any gas space heaters as gas is dangerous for human, bird, cat and/or dog. Use electric heat space heaters if house is cold or not heated with central heat.

Last and not least, take your bird to Avian vet NOW before trip to make sure he is healthy enough to be moved to new place. Moving and new places are stressful for birds, and if he is already not at 100%, moving will make him sick. You may also wish to take him to an Avian vet in your new area to make sure he has not developed a cold or other bacterial/viral infections.

Good luck and keep us posted. Take good care of your bird as traveling with them is not as easy as with a dog.


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