Traveling with Nannday

by Adam Urbanski

I have a one year Nanday Conure. I am going for Christmas 1200 km by car. It takes about 15 hours driving. Is it ok for Parrot to travel in a car so long?

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Sep 17, 2008
Traveling with Nanday
by: Kralice4u

It should be ok for your bird to travel with you for 15 hours.
I have had birds to travel farther distances for a much longer time. Most birds enjoy a ride in the car.
One thing you can do is try riding him around before the trip so he will already have a little experience of what it feels like to be in the car.
Make it fun for him. Tell him before you leave that he is going "Bye Bye".
I had a little one named Chaos that would go and try to get in my pocketbook or the little dog carrier (that looked like a pocketbook) when I went to get my shoes!
He LOVED to ride and when I would yell "Chaos, if you want to go Bye Bye you had better come on", he would come running as fast as he could with his wings stretched out and his little head down. He would crawl up my leg onto my shoulders and gladly go out the door with me.
Just be sure to keep your eye on him if he is not in a cage so no accidents will occur.
I just lost that same baby (Chaos) a few days ago when he for the first time jumped in between the door when I went to open it to pour water out.
It would be good to take you bird out of the car with you when you make rest stops.
I have not had any birds (in my MANY years of having so many) get stressed over a car ride.
There is that possiblity though, but I have NEVER experienced any trouble.
good luck and have a great trip!

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