Traveling with parakeets

by Liz

What is the best way to travel with a parakeet in a car? I need to take my keet Lue-Lue on a six hour trip. Please tell me the best way. Thanks,

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Jul 23, 2009
can my parakeet travel with me in new jerse
by: abigail

if i take my parakeet with in new jerse does she get sick or die..?

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Answer: No, you bird will not die if you take it in a travel cage with water, food and toys.

Jul 05, 2009
Keeping bird warm
by: Anonymous

We have an RV and will be traveling to CO Aug 23 till Sept 20th. We will be up in Summit Co and Rocky Mt State park. Any good sugestions on how to keep my parakett warm so he does not get sick?
Thanks for any suggestions.

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To answer your question, as long as the temperature rises and falls gradually, your bird should be fine. Cover the cage at night to keep the warmth in. Since you are in an RV, as long as you are comfortable, the bird should be comfortable.

Nov 03, 2008
Traveling with birds
by: Tracie

You should consider purchasing a travel cage that you can put toys in along with food and water for your bird. You can also put special perches that he is used to so that he feels at home.

Hang the toys on the sides of the cage and not in the middle so that they don't swing and knock him off any perches or whack him in the head.

It is good to have a travel cage for your bird anyway, because if he ever gets sick you will want a cage to take him to the vet in. Also, while he is sick, you will be able to put a heating pad underneath and partially cover the cage to keep him warm.

When you purchase the travel cage, allow your bird to get used to it at home before taking in the car too. That way he won't be both scared of the cage and the car at the same time. You want him to feel safe in the cage.

If your bird likes bird tents, please put one in the travel cage for him to hide in if he needs to snuggle and feel safe.

Also, be sure and seat belt the cage in just like you would a child. You don't want the cage to fly in an accident and hurt the bird or hurt anyone else in the car.

Bird Travel Cages available here.

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