treated wooden toys

by pat arthur
(franskraal western cape south africa )

i have given my africanm grey parrot treated wooden blocks unbenowingly now they i need to replace them but am cocerned about the treated wood is it dagerous

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Mar 16, 2012
Happy Hut Horror
by: Anonymous

Most toys for birds are considered safe but other countries might not have the standards or supplies we have here in the states. Everyone should be careful what their birds are playing with. My stepdaughter had a sun conure that loved it's Happy Hut and slept in it all the time but also chewed and frayed it as well causing them to replace it often. One day they went out shopping (new Happy Hut on the list) and when they got home they found their bird dead. It's feet had become tangled in the frayed fibers and strings of the Happy Hut and it must have exhausted itself trying to get free and passed away. My Quaker parrot likes to play with everything and one day he had a rubber wrist bracelet that he was chewing and throwing in the air. It's a good thing I was home because he flipped the bracelet in the air and it went over his head around his body. If I had not been there to remove it, he would have surely died from struggling to get it off. Please, please keep an eye on anything your bird comes in contact with, something that looks totally harmless might be fatal.

Mar 15, 2012
Treated wood for bird toys
by: Tracie

If you mean treated as in chemically treated, then yes this is dangerous to give to your bird. It is best to provide bird toys that are either untreated or colored with food grade food coloring. I don't know what is available in your country to make suggestions.

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