Treating Kidney Failure in Congo African Grey Parrots?

by Caysea
(South Africa)

I have had my African Grey Parrot treated at the vet for Kidney Failure. She seams to have seasures or spasims now and again. She cant walk on flat ground and she cant climb on the cage? She does sometimes move along her perch to exercise her feet and flaps her wings but thats all.

She is eating very well after all the trauma she whent through as well. I have to clean her beak after eating soft foods and she loves her fruit juice and rooibos tea. Due to her permanent kidney failure I give her very littly protein, fat of any kind and solt.

She has white sunflower pellets, wildbird seed and fruit in the day. At night she has a little chicken with pasta or rice or mash or fish with eather of the above menshaned and acashanell red meat.

Should the diet for African Grey Parrots with Kidney Failure be the same as people with Kidney Failure? I bought her at a pet shop, shortly after that she aquired Kidney Failure, are there any chanses of recovery?

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Jan 20, 2013
Pellets for kidney compromised CAG
by: Izzy's Mom

I have an elderly CAG, also diagnosed with kidney disease. I am feeding him low protein, as advised by my vet; purposely staying away from Harrisons, opting for Rice Formula RoudyBush at 10% protein as well as Nutriberries Garden Variety, also at 10% protein when I feed him his nightly treat. The rest of his food is either Chop, Mash, or bird breads. Harrisons, while a good food, is very high in protein and not conducive for a protein limited diet. If I cannot adequately alter his diet, my next step will be RoudyBush's prescription diet "Formula AK Renal Care". Good luck with your lovie. It's a tough, complicated road changing their diet to get the right protein ratios; feeding some pellets will help but they have to be the right ones.

Feb 01, 2012
Bird with kidney failure
by: The Avian Vet

What diagnostics were done to determine that your bird has kidney failure? The symptoms you describe can be related to many different problems, including nutritional disease. How old is your bird?

There are specific prescription diets made for kidney failure that help a lot. Ask your vet if they can order this for you. You need a vet prescription to purchase it.

STOP THE WILD BIRD SEED IMMEDIATLEY. This is an inappropriate diet and is causing harm.

No the diet is not the same for birds as it is for humans. I recommend that you get a second opinion before making dramatic diet changes. And you need to feed the Rx diet IF it is actually kidney failure. Find an Avian Vet

Dr B

Jan 30, 2012
Treating Kidney Failure in Congo African Grey Parrots?
by: Linda

The diet your bird is eating is horrible. No meat or fish of any kind especially fat red meat and fat chicken meat. Most fish is poison now from all the chemicals and oil in the oceans and seas, so it is also garbage.

Your bird needs to always have been eating 80-85% of diet in organic pellets found here. Harrison's is the best on the market. This diet would be the very best, and you cannot feed any animal protein.

What you have done by feeding so much meat is to complete the process of destroying bird's kidneys.

Once you have done the right thing for your bird, before getting another, learn how to take care of it and diet is the most important thing to consider.

Feed only organic pellets and small amounts of fruit/veggies. Feed a bird like a bird is supposed to eat. Birds are not people nor are they dogs or cats. Even dogs and cats have to eat food made for them and of high quality.


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