treatment for injured ringneck

by june pitt
(jerilderie nsw)

other ringnecks attacked this bird and have biten its face is there something we can bath it with we have removed it from avairy there is no avian vet here we are in a country area all help would be appreciated

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Jul 21, 2009
Injured Bird
by: Linda

Your bird needs to see an Avian vet. We also live in the country and only have two Avian vets spread out over a large area. Try and find one you can drive to or call one and tell them what happened and follow their suggestions. What may happen with the injuries is that bird develops an infection, and then it will need proper antibiotics which cannot be safely dispensed except by a qualified bird vet.

As for washing face, use clean filtered slightly warm water--not directly from the tap, either filtered, bottled or water you have boiled and let cool on the stove. Water and soft cotton face cleaning squares is all you should do. The face is a very tricky place for Betadine and such because of close proximity to eyes.

If at all possible, take bird to a vet as these wounds may very well develop into an infection which will need antibiotics made for birds.

Keep us posted on what happens here.

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