by Lisa
(Baldwin, Michigan USA)

Is it normal for a bird to tremble when it isn't cold.

My red lored amazon is perched with one leg up not resting his body on the perch. Seems healthy except for it looks like his chest to be shaking.

Is this normal behavior? Thanks.

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Dec 18, 2008
Bird trembling
by: The Vet

He may be cold. Or there may be something else wrong. You should have him examined by an avian veterinarian. Have some blood work done at least. Fluffing is often an early symptom of illness. Be sure he is on a good pellet diet, Harrison's is the best. He should see a veterinarian every year at the very least for annual exams and vaccinations. I recommend that South American species be seen twice a year for at least a physical exam to be sure there are no symptoms of papillomatosis.

To keep him warm, put a heating pad on his cage and get him a heat perch. These will make him more comfortable. If he is sick, he needs to be in 90-95ºF.

Dr B

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